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Drawbox Design Studio Architects

As young and dynamic architects we are passionate about the opportunities generated by our rapidly changing world. It's within responding to these changes that a new architecture is born. Responsive design must adapt to the needs of our social, environmental and economic landscape. Our holistic contextually appropriate approach will ensure elegant and innovative solutions to the realities we are faced with today. A context responsive design endures the momentary trends of time and ensures its value is maintained throughout its lifecycle.

» www.drawboxstudio.co.za | Carlu Swart | carlu@drawboxstudio.co.za | 082 339 5834




Engela van Antwerpen Architects

Engela van Antwerpen, owner of EVA, was born in Pretoria and raised in the Free State. She is a dynamic and talented woman, goal orientated with a passion for natural structures & people. Her philosophy is that preparation and diligence is the key to success. Engela started her own firm EVA Architects in 2013, situated in Midstream Estate. EVA Architects works closely with their clients to ensure that the design aligns to the client's needs and are functional, safe and within the clients' budget.

» www.eva-architects.co.za | Engela van Antwerpen | engela@eva-architects.co.za | 082 721 9518


Francois Marais Architects

From conception right through to completion, we work closely with our clients. By gaining a clear understanding of their needs and objectives, we're able to provide a detailed architectural design which share the same vision and delivers the optimum solution. Pushing the limits of engineering, we've worked hard to build a varied and extensive portfolio that showcases our ability to produce signature buildings which test the conventional boundaries of modern architecture and design.

» www.fmarchitects.co.za | Francois Marais | francois@fmarchitects.co.za | 011 615 9105

MTWA Architecture

MTWA is a young vibrant practice with professionals always looking for the opportunity to create sustainable architectural forms that relate to the given contextsand situations. Our design is informed by economical, environmental and social sustainability. Mostly involved in residential architecture, we have been fortunate in having the opportunity to apply skills in estates that promote residential architecture that make full use of natural materials and elements thus creating sustainable and relevant modern homes.

» www.mtwa.co.za | Paul Mtwa | design@mtwa.co.za | 072 252 6369





Richter & Associates Architects

Richter & Associates Architects is a Pretoria based company situated in Waterkloof. We as a company have been passionate about architecture for the last 48 years. Over the years we have been involved in projects all over South Africa, Africa and parts of Europe. Beginning with a visionary process involving client and architect, we strive to live up to our reputation to create striking projects with sheer class, elegance and style.

» www.r-aa.co.za | Rupert Richter | info@r-aa.co.za | 012 460 6293





Strey Architects

Strey Architects strive to create comfortable and sensible spaces for all, whilst protecting the environment. Through creative design we address the client's needs, and create true spaces to live, work and play. Through passive design strategies we utilise and optimise the natural elements of the site and its climatic conditions. Strey Architects is an Award Winning firm of professional architects and Interior designers, who provide its clients with well thought through designs resulting in bespoke building projects.

» www.streyarchitects.co.za | Friedrich Strey | info@streyarchitects.co.za | 083 254 1862





Studious Architects

The practice consists of architects, urban planners, senior technologists and interior designers from various fields of design. A multi-disciplinary approach to projects and teamwork is a signature of our approach, to solve design challenges in a creative and innovative manner. We are active in academic tutoring and enrolling students on a yearly basis, resulting in the empowerment of young and upcoming architects. This approach also stimulates exciting design concepts evident in our design products. Our architecture needs to be truthful - to its time and context – Highveld Vernacular is what we focus on.

» www.studious.co.za | Derick Britz | architect@studious.co.za | 012 663 3371





Urban Concept Architects

Urban Concept Architects was established by Paul Boshoff in 2005. Paul has been practicing as architect since 1987 and with his own practice since 1989 (Paul Boshoff Architects). Over the last nine years the team was expanded to include a number of highly qualified and motivated architects, technicians as well as the support staff. We are committed to providing a professional and appropriate service to all our valued clients, acknowledging that a thorough understanding of the client's needs is paramount for the successful development and completion of any project (Residential or Commercial).

» www.urbanconcept.co.za | Paul Boshoff | paulb@urbanconcept.co.za | 012 347 1428





Urbanstone Architecture

Urbanstone has been around for eight years now and believes in designing very different and simple spaces. We believe that as much as a house has to look amazing, it is a psychological puzzle of millions of pieces. If we are able to bring some of these aspects into a house, then we have truly achieved a unique living space. It is also very important that we understand the client's vision correctly and bring this through distinctly.

» Grant Miles | urbanstonearch@gmail.com | 074 281 7155



The Hills Estate - Builders





We at BEUCON are making it our policy to build the best projects at the most economical prices throughout South Africa. Our clients will benefit from our knowledge and expert workmanship. We deal with each client and project in a professional, safe manner and take a proactive approach to ensuring health and safety standards are maintained.

» www.beucon.co.za | Wayne Beuthin | wayne@beucon.co.za | 076 974 5941






Blue Cube Construction

Blue Cube owners bring 45 years of combined building experience to the table. Custom design turnkey projects with bond approval assistance. The Blue Cube & Urbanstone partnership offer a comprehensive service from design through to council approvals and construction. We furnish the banks with all pre bond approval documentation, plans, building quotes, finishing schedules and building contracts. Blue Cube works closely with your architect and engineer to ensure that through out the design phase your budget is taken into account.

» www.bluecubeconstruction.co.za | Warren Varrie | warren@bluecubeconstruction.co.za | 083 286 1723





Bobtons Construction

Bobtons Construction is a premier residential and small-scale commercial construction company based in Gauteng, South Africa. Established in 1987, Bobtons is proudly a father/son business that prides itself on reputation, quality and reliability. Bobtons creates memorable, affordable and superior construction products for all of our clients. From start to finish our service will be memorable, neat, efficient and beyond client expectation. We achieve these things by exercising attention to detail, using quality sub contractors, micro managing and pre planning.

» www.bobtonsbuilding.co.za | Jason Truscott | jason@bobtonsbuilding.co.za | 079 504 2328




Capricorn Civils

Capricorn Civils are a family owned business that has delivered outstanding projects over the past 15 years. Our Projects range from top end residential building projects to civil engineering- and agriculture projects. Capricorn Civils are committed to the highest ethical- standards in all that we do. We strive to deliver the highest quality of construction to ensure the satisfaction of our clients at fair and market related prices.

» www.capricorncivils.co.za | Chrisjan Swanepoel | chrisjan@capricorncivils.co.za | 076 756 4106


C.J. van der Merwe Building Contractors

We are mainly involved in the building of new residential homes, and built many houses in suburbs such as Waterkloof and Eldoraigne in the Eastern and Southern areas of Pretoria. In recent years most of our work has been in Woodhill, Cornwall Hill, Midstream, Mooikloof, Irene and the new Southdowns development. We do not commit to more than four to six projects per year, as we work on a 'hands on' basis thus ensuring work of a high quality.

» Hilgard Muller | cjv@telkomsa.net | 083 653 1800





Humane Homes

Humane Homes, in working with the professional team of Strey Architects, seeks to deliver the world's most efficient housing solutions in the most predictable way at the most cost effective price and in satisfaction of the client's needs. We offer a complete housing solution through the greatest possible supply chain efficiency, the most appropriate building technologies and manufacturing processes, at the most economical price, and the optimum quality to the benefit of our clients.

» www.humanehomes.com | John Fleming | flemingarchitect@gmail.com | 011 786 0296




Intertrading Investments Construction

Intertrading Investments originated in 1993 building high value high quality homes in Pretoria. Arising from the experience we gained from the foregoing, we identified a need in the property market for projects to high value properties and positioned ourselves to take advantage of this gap. During this period and as a result of gaining a reputation for outstanding quality, we were approached to undertake projects in many of Pretoria's upmarket estates.

» Des Kurz | deskurz@iafrica.com | 082 900 5434




Lock Development

There is a language of building smart, sophisticated and versatile new homes. Making the home building process enjoyable is part of this vocabulary. At Lock Development our commitment is to ensure that the excitement of building a home is sustained from purchase right through to moving and settling in. It doesn't have to be complicated. Our reputation and our personal dedication is focused on creating the best building experience possible.

» www.lockdevelopment.co.za | Jan Lock | janlocksa@gmail.com | 083 253 7847






MCL Construction

Michael Lester prides himself on his ability to deliver quality projects. To set a standard in building through hard work, ethical practice, precision building & workmanship. To provide a service to his clients, by ensuring that houses are built on time with excellence and with the integrity that they deserve. To deliver quality service on time and at the convenience of his clients. To always use quality material, experienced & reliable sub-contractors, providing his clients with a home representative of their future & lifestyle.

» Michael Lester | mcllester@gmail.com | 072 634 3783

6 Steps to Planning a Successful Building Project

There’s a strong temptation to dive straight into the construction of your new home. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be done, right? Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way if you haven’t done some essential planning up front to ensure that your home will match your vision in the end. Here are six crucial steps to help you plan for a successful home build, and the reasons they're so important for any project.

1. Choose a design professional

To create a plan and detailed scope of work, most people hire either an architect or interior designer, and sometimes both. Every company does things a little differently, many designers will offer advice on structural work as well as assistance with material and color selections. Architects may take on a wide range of work, or work only on floor plans and approvals, and leave the details of the electrical plan, baths and kitchen to another designer. Selecting a design professional usually starts with an in-person meeting, which can take a few weeks depending on how many companies you are interviewing. This is your opportunity to understand the services that each firm offers and make sure they match up with what you are expecting. It’s also critical that you have a budget for your project in mind that you communicate clearly to the firm you hire, so the design can align with what you are planning to invest.

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