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Alive Architects

Alive Architecture started as an architectural practice in october 2012 by Simon Richard Cretney and Pieter-ernst Maré. The ethos of the practice is to produce sustainable architecture in the field of requirement to the best of their abilities moulded to the client’s exact requirements. The practice is a hands-on run operation with both members - Simon and Pieter-ernst - doing everything required from client liaison and briefing, through to design and structured layouts, to council and full working drawings, to site administration and hand-over.

» www.alive-architecture.co.za | Simon Cretney | simon@alivearchitecture.net | 082 415 3842






Axient Architects

Axient Architects is a professional architectural practice that dedicates itself to achieving excellence for and with our valued clients. At the heart of our thinking is a sustainable approach to all design and this is set to stand the test of time…beyond green. Space, light and movement are the first and foremost architectural values we believe in, if you get this correct then you will have a timeless piece… frozen music. We work closely from inception of a project with the client to the very end to make sure their dreams and aspirations are fulfilled, and it is with this philosophy that we succeed. Each project is viewed personally and as such we put together a project outline unique to it to suit the client’s needs and requirements.

» www.axient.co.za | Nick Mallandain | nick@axient.co.za | 083 297 0771



Chalkline Design

Chalkline Design focuses on designing elegant, efficient homes, both contemporary and traditional, tailored to the budgets, tastes and the needs of our clients. Chalkline Design positions itself in the middle to upper segment of the security estate market. Whilst pushing the boundaries of size, materials and aesthetics a core focus is always to ensure that design matches budget. Our design approach ensures that our architectural process does not compromise the practicality, affordability and budgetary aspects of the construction project, ensuring that there is no disconnect between final design and budget. A home being the heart of the family must be sustainable and affordable.

» www.chalkline.co.za | Andre Smit | andre@chalkline.co.za | 079 228 1323




Devilliers du Toit Architects

Devilliers du Toit Architects was founded in 2011 and is led by Devilliers du Toit, who with more than 15 years’ experience in the realms of residential and commercial architecture is well equipped to guide you as client through the intricacies of design and construction. He is also mindful of the environment and has experience with ‘green design’ as a member of the Green Building Council of SA and is a US Green Building Council LEED Green Associate. Your home is a sanctuary and when designed by a professional who has your best interest at heart, and the experience necessary to translate your dreams into reality, it fulfils that purpose so much more effectively. Our firm delivers a very personal, client oriented service which enables us to live up to your every expectation.

» www.devilliersdutoit.com | Devilliers du Toit | devilliers@devilliersdutoit.com | 083 232 6554

Francois Marais Architects

From conception right through to completion, we work closely with our clients. By gaining a clear understanding of their needs and objectives, we're able to provide a detailed architectural design which share the same vision and delivers the optimum solution. Pushing the limits of engineering, we've worked hard to build a varied and extensive portfolio that showcases our ability to produce signature buildings which test the conventional boundaries of modern architecture and design.

» www.fmarchitects.co.za | Francois Marais | francois@fmarchitects.co.za | 083 226 7577






JVR Architects

JVR Architects and Interiors were established in 2005 by Joe van Rooyen. Joe has been practising since 1995 and his own practise since 2005. JVR is a dedicated team of professionals and we focus on designing contextual, innovative, luxurious and environmentally friendly homes. The office has a wide range of skills and we are able to address any design challenge taking into account attention to design, cost and sustainability, within the framework of environmental and eco-friendly demands. We strive to deliver homes to our clients that meets all their expectations and believe that quality of design and finishes are always of the utmost importance; and that our passion and dedication to design sets us apart.

» www.jvrarchitects.co.za | Joe van Rooyen | enquiries@jvrarchitects.co.za | 011 262 0905





NuP Architects

NuP Architects is a dynamic design and architecture firm with the aim to create architecture that inspires both clients and the general public. NuP Architects specialises in upmarket residential houses, boutique guesthouses and hotels, designer commercial and retail projects. Even though each project is unique, a mutual thread of responsible and relevant design is the starting point and focus of the firm in order to achieve success. NuP Architects provide the full architectural services, from the initial brief with the client, sketch design, design development, technical drawings, contract management and close out.

» www.nupdesign.co.za | Werner Nothnagel | werner@nupdesign.co.za | 082 786 2377





Riaan Steyn Architects

RSARC is an environmentally conscious firm with a deeply rooted understanding of the natural surrounds they work in. The firm uses architecture to enhance each terrain through site specific buildings. They strive to employ sustainable architectural principles in order to promote the incorporation of ‘green’ initiatives, within a dynamic industry. The firm’s young and dynamic approach reflects a range of architectural concepts - which seek to exploit passive design strategies; in order to satisfy client expectations; within restraints of environmental awareness. With many clients that are new to the construction industry, RSARC take a personal interest in all of their clients and designs produced by the firm.

» www.rsarc.com | Riaan Steyn | riaan@rsarc.com | 072 841 1758





Studious Architects

The practice consists of architects, urban planners, senior technologists and interior designers from various fields of design. A multi-disciplinary approach to projects and teamwork is a signature of our approach, to solve design challenges in a creative and innovative manner. We are active in academic tutoring and enrolling students on a yearly basis, resulting in the empowerment of young and upcoming architects. This approach also stimulates exciting design concepts evident in our design products. Our architecture needs to be truthful - to its time and context – Highveld Vernacular is what we focus on.

» www.studious.co.za | Derick Britz | architect@studious.co.za | 012 663 3371




Waterfall Country Estate - Builders





We at BEUCON are making it our policy to build the best projects at the most economical prices throughout South Africa. Our clients will benefit from our knowledge and expert workmanship. We deal with each client and project in a professional, safe manner and take a proactive approach to ensuring health and safety standards are maintained.

» www.beucon.co.za | Wayne Beuthin | wayne@beucon.co.za | 076 974 5941





Bobtons Construction

Bobtons Construction is a premier residential and small-scale commercial construction company based in Gauteng, South Africa. Established in 1987, Bobtons is proudly a father/son business that prides itself on reputation, quality and reliability. Bobtons creates memorable, affordable and superior construction products for all of our clients. From start to finish our service will be memorable, neat, efficient and beyond client expectation. We achieve these things by exercising attention to detail, using quality sub contractors, micro managing and pre planning.

» www.bobtonsbuilding.co.za | Jason Truscott | jason@bobtonsbuilding.co.za | 079 504 2328




Chalkline Construction

Chalkline Constructions’ goal is to change the perception of the residential building industry, and as such, we ensure that we deliver according to what we promise. Chalkline Construction offers a Specialist Building Team for the construction of your home and Chalkline Design offers you the platform from which to design your home. Our panel of Architects work hand in hand with you in designing your home. A massive differentiating factor is that our team of Specialists guide you through the construction process. We fully understand that your home is not only a massive financial investment, it is also a huge emotional investment. Chalkline guides our clients through the process and ensures we deliver a product befitting your investment.

» www.chalkline.co.za | Sean Pettit | sean@chalkline.co.za | 084 601 8238




Henning Construction

Henning Construction & Development is a founding member of the NHBRC Association. As a preferred builder in both Waterfall Estate & Steyn City, we have strategic innovation and commitment to service, enabling the company to remain price competitive and to retain its position as a market leader in home development. A leading player in the construction and development Industry, Henning assures you of complete confidentiality & professionalism. Our motto is simple – “SUPERVISION BRINGS IT HOME”.

» www.henningconstruction.co.za | Jason Henning | info@henningdevelopment.com | 082 081 4985


Ivecon Projects

Ivecon Projects is a professional team of project managers and construction experts whose aim is to bring their clients work of the highest quality. Our management style provides the client with continuous, direct, and effective communication and control throughout the contract. We conform to a strong code of ethics and strive to create an environment of professionalism to ensure peace of mind. Our goal is to maintain a reputable level of workmanship within the constraints of any given project within the defined budget, quality and period, whilst maintaining healthy working relationships with our staff, sub-contractors, suppliers and clients, therefore ensuring efficient and cost effective management , in order to consistently achieve high standards of quality

» www.iveconprojects.co.za | Sven Iversen | sven@iveconprojects.co.za | 082 448 3322



Kwandisa Construction

Kwandisa Construction specializes in high end residential projects and is committed to providing quality workmanship and the timely completion of projects. Our projects are overseen by our hands-on contract managers and construction supervisors. We believe that work quality is directly proportional to the level and quality of supervision. This is achieved by the direct involvement of the company’s management team in every project that we undertake. Our services range from small maintenance projects to full “turnkey” solutions which include the design, budgeting, programming and implementation.

» www.kwandisa.co.za | Federico de Gregorio | federico@kwandisa.co.za | 011 453 4123




Lock Development

There is a language of building smart, sophisticated and versatile new homes. Making the home building process enjoyable is part of this vocabulary. At Lock Development our commitment is to ensure that the excitement of building a home is sustained from purchase right through to moving and settling in. It doesn't have to be complicated. Our reputation and our personal dedication is focused on creating the best building experience possible.

» www.lockdevelopment.co.za | Jan Lock | janlocksa@gmail.com | 083 253 7847





Lumal Construction

Lumal is a 40 year old construction firm, now based and building at Waterfall. We offer both contract and building packages for luxury homes. The homes we build are the physical representation of our client’s dreams for their future and we put our effort into ensuring that our work lives up to these expectations. Our team is highly qualified and experienced and we go beyond the traditional building service to advise our clients on cost reductions, green building, improving maintainability and enhancing the overall design. Our commitment to service ensures the smooth running of our projects and makes the experience of building your own home enjoyable.

» www.lumal.co.za | Carl Marais | info@lumal.co.za | 084 317 7127




Victor Projects

Victor Turnkey Projects is a leader in providing value-added construction services to our customers by creating a successful partnership with them throughout the construction process. Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance from every member of our construction team.

» www.victorprojects.co.za | grant@victorprojects.co.za | Grant Viljoen: 082 602 1005





Zotos Construction

We’ve built our award-winning, 44 years reputation brick by brick, project by project, home by home – creating structures of truly outstanding quality. And our cutting edge construction designs, workmanship, finishes and strategic construction solutions exceed all industry benchmarks. We pride ourselves on providing innovative, hassle-free, building solutions. Ultimately, what matters to us is fulfilling your needs and exceeding your expectations. Zotos Construction has a unique strategic construction process. This means that every project phase is planned and accounted for – giving you absolute certainty of what to expect from beginning to end!

» www.zotosconstruction.co.za | Walter Panto | info@zotos.co.za | 0861 Z SALES (9 72537)

6 Steps to Planning a Successful Building Project

There’s a strong temptation to dive straight into the construction of your new home. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be done, right? Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way if you haven’t done some essential planning up front to ensure that your home will match your vision in the end. Here are six crucial steps to help you plan for a successful home build, and the reasons they're so important for any project.

1. Choose a design professional

To create a plan and detailed scope of work, most people hire either an architect or interior designer, and sometimes both. Every company does things a little differently, many designers will offer advice on structural work as well as assistance with material and color selections. Architects may take on a wide range of work, or work only on floor plans and approvals, and leave the details of the electrical plan, baths and kitchen to another designer. Selecting a design professional usually starts with an in-person meeting, which can take a few weeks depending on how many companies you are interviewing. This is your opportunity to understand the services that each firm offers and make sure they match up with what you are expecting. It’s also critical that you have a budget for your project in mind that you communicate clearly to the firm you hire, so the design can align with what you are planning to invest.

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